FREE classes available!!!! . Free lessons to learn how to grow

Beginner and intermediate classes now booking.

Also available classes on indoor gardening, micro greens, and organic sustainable living.
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We are finally scheduling our free grow classes.
Beginners classes consist of a series of three classes.
Classes are available from 6 to 8 PM and are either on Sunday nights, Tuesday nights, or Thursday nights. Classes are spaced two weeks apart. So if you pick a Tuesday start date your second class will be two weeks later and your third class two weeks after that.
We still have space available in each class.
We have many beginner classes that we are scheduling for right now. There is some space available in each class that is first come first serve. Our beginner classes go over all the information you need to get started including how to propagate a seed, how to re-pot, how to clone a plant, product knowledge, nutrient deficiencies, pest control, and much much more.

If you’d like to sign up for one of these classes please let us know which class and we also need a phone number and an email to hold your spot.

If you need your medical card stop on in and we will help you set your online appointment with Compassionate Care Clinics.

We hope to get you growing soon!! #free #learntogrow #thingstodoinchicago #freeclasses #medical



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FREE  GROW CLASSES - New class starting monthly - classes consist or 3 - 2 hour classes -  call or email for newest dates and to sign up 

Zoom classes coming soon!!


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Aroma Grow Store is proud to announce our newest partnership with "Compassionate Clinics of America"

Your health matters to us!! 

Locally, via telemedicine or in-person, available 7 days a week with daytime and evening hours. 

Whether an existing diagnosis exists or one is needed, our doctors can help patients with every step of the process to get them certified for the Illinois or Pennsylvania Medical  Program. Our team handles everything from new applications to renewals, allotment increases, and more. We process the entire applications on your behalf, and help both adult and minor patients as well as veterans and caregivers.

PTSD Diagnosis - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a severely debilitating medical condition characterized by night terrors, flashbacks to traumatic event, fear, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Cannabis has been shown to be effective in treating symptoms of PTSD and is now a qualifying condition in the state of Illinois, Missouri and Pennsylvania. Our healthcare team at Compassionate Clinics of America can guide you through getting your cannabis card and trying a new form of treatment that many prefer over traditional antidepressant and benzodiazepine drug treatment.

book your virtual appointment today!! https://mycompassionateclinic.com/clinic-locations/