Emerald Harvest


Simple, easy success.

Emerald Harvest was founded in 2015 in Santa Rosa, California, by industry insiders with decades of experience. Over many years, our founders had listened to the growing community talk about what they wanted and needed from a nutrient line. So, we set out to bring growers superlative yields for significant profits at a reasonable price point while reducing the mess and fuss and waste of other nutrient lines. The result? Our science-backed, streamlined premium base nutrients and supplements for hydroponic plants.

  • Proudly based in Santa Rosa, California
  • Founded after years in the industry
  • Nutrients designed with growers in mind
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We have a fresh approach to our customers, both to our immediate customers—hydroponic retail stores—and to our ultimate customers: growers. We consider you our partners in profit, not our cash cows. We know that your success is our success. We don’t patronize you. Instead, we show our gratitude for your business in everything we do—and without pressure, intimidation or hype.

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We have a fresh attitude toward our entire industry, including our competitors. We see them not only as business rivals, but also as peers, with whom we have many common interests. We want to join them in lobbying to assure the industry and its community are secure and can keep growing. We hope to work with them to guarantee growers top-notch nutrients free of harmful additives or byproducts. For this reason, we seek to set a good example by partnering with fertilizer regulators, rather than combating them. We want our industry to produce only what is best for growers and for the public at large.



And you deserve it.

After many years in the industry, and having worked with hundreds of growers and store owners, we heard your concerns. The message is clear: most growers would prefer a compact line of nutrients that provide the very best of both science and nature in a simple, easy-to-use feeding program that delivers professional results. That’s Emerald Harvest.

Our Goals


  • Create the finest brand of plant fertilizers possible.
  • Combine the best that science and nature have to offer.


To do this, we hired a top organic chemist with years of field experience, vast knowledge and in-depth understanding of how plants reach their maximum genetic potential. We also did extensive testing and analyzed many of the common brands used in hydroponics. We spent the time and energy needed to understand what is being offered and eliminate confusion.


Each of the leading hydroponic fertilizer producers pushes an extensive line of products, fed to plants using complex feeding programs. We came to understand that you want all the benefits of the best nutrients and supplements possible, but you don’t want to waste time or money buying more than you need. So, when we founded Emerald Harvest, we knew we would have to pack as much science and goodness as we could into every formulation while creating a limited, but potent, line of products.

One problem we set out to solve was that many additives—such as beneficial bacteria and fungi, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, chelated micronutrients and rare earth elements—are often sold as standalone products. There are also many organic ingredients, such as kelp meal, guano, alfalfa meal, worm castings, bone meal, fish meal, leonardite, and humic and fulvic acids. The list goes on and on.

There are too many choices, and these choices leave growers and store owners feeling misled and confused. We have been asked more times than we can count, “Do I really need all these products?” Well, the answer is that it depends on how much yield you want and what you expect from your garden. Many of the available supplements have well-known benefits, but growers believe that using so many single-bottle products is too costly, confusing and frankly wasteful. We agree.

That’s why we set ourselves a clear mandate to develop and manufacture a superlative product line. If we could put every known yield-increasing ingredient into only one bottle, believe me, we would. The challenge is that many compounds compete with each other or are incompatible in high concentrations or they need to be used at specific intervals, and so they simply need to be kept separate in order to benefit your plants. Our team of researchers got to work and combined the beneficial compounds that science and nature offer. We brought many nutrients often sold as standalone products together in our unique, compact product line.

While building the Emerald Harvest brand, we also introduced scientific discoveries that further boost plant performance. For example, in many of our products, we use super concentrates—the result of ingredient suppliers taking formulations they used to sell in highly diluted forms and offering them with many times more power. This is a fantastic breakthrough that allows us to combine the power of multiple compounds in superlative one-bottle solutions. Furthermore, we’ve made sure that our products work equally well for hydroponically grown plants in any growing medium.


Our formulations and feeding charts aren’t the only thing about our product line that were made with the grower in mind. We’ve paid attention to the packaging too—bringing you easy-pour bottles that minimize spills and wasted product.


So that’s us: we bring to you the streamlined, scientifically backed premium nutrients and supplements that you want for simple, easy success. Emerald Harvest is here because of you, because you deserve the best.