Xtreme Gardening

Our Story

We are committed to providing the world with biological products that continue to improve plant establishment rates and regenerating the soil food web for a more sustainable future.

Launched in late 2008 as a new, retail division of reputable Reforestation Technologies International (RTI), Xtreme Gardening brings highly effective beneficial biological inoculants to the home gardener.

RTI is best known as the United States’ oldest-running and most renowned producer of Mycorrhizal Inoculum, providing the world with a high-quality biological inoculant. RTI products have successfully helped plant over 750 million trees in 9 countries. Also restoring some of the poorest habitats known to man (strip mines, nuclear test sites, deserts, and barren wastelands) around the globe into lush, thriving ecosystems capable of not only sustaining life but producing bountiful harvests.

Xtreme Gardening was born with the goal to inspire a new generation of gardeners and growers. Always striving to maximize yields and quality through biological amendments. Xtreme Gardening combines new technology with results from millions of years of natural evolutionary design, allowing us to provide gardeners with the pure biology needed for superior plant growth. 

With Xtreme Gardening beneficial microbes, gardeners are no longer limited by chemical fertilizers and are able to unlock their plant's true potential. This will allow your plants to reach new levels of production, while experiencing an increase in crop yields, in addition to improving moisture and nutrient management, for Xtreme results!


Can I use Azos in an aquaponics system? Will it harm the fish?
Yes, Azos can be used in aquaponic system and it will not harm fish. It will work if you are growing herbs or tomatoes.
Is there a specific pH water level for using Azos?
If you are using Azos for cloning, the recommended pH level is 6.
After I mix it, how long can I keep it for?
Mix for immediate use, no longer than 24 hrs.
Can I mix Azos with the rest of my nutrients?
It’s best to apply by itself because a lot of other nutrients have mineral salt that can kill the bacteria.
When using Azos, what is the application rate for starting from seed?

For germinating seed, Azos should be mixed with water at a diluted rate. We have not established an exact “ideal application rate”, but a safe dosage would be 2 teaspoons per cup of water. When germinating seeds, the easiest method is to fold a paper towel in half. Set the seeds on the paper towel, spaced 1-2” apart. Fold the paper towel so that it is covering the seeds. Moisten the paper towel using the Azos/water solution, so that it is moist, but not soaking wet. Dampness is key, not “drowning”. The paper towel can then be placed inside a zip lock bag or preferably, placed on a glass plate. Take a second glass plate and cover the first one so that it is “dark” and not exposed to light. This is an ideal environment for germinating seeds.


Once the seeds begin to sprout and a tap root is showing, either place the seeds in a cup full of soil or (in/use) a grow plug.
When using a propogation (clone) machine, what is the application rate for Azos?

For propagation machines: (ex. EZ cloner, Turbo cloner)

1. Adjust pH of water to 6.0.

2. Add 1 tbsp Azos per gallon of water

Keep water well agitated with air stones. No other additives, dips/gels, or products needed.

Can I apply Azos as a foliar spray?
No, you will not see a benefit from using this soil born microbe as a foliar option.
Can I add Azos to my compost tea?
Yes you can, however only add Azos right before applying your compost tea as a root drench. Do not brew your compost tea with Azos as part of the initial brewing ingredients.

Can I combine Azos with Mykos during the transplanting process?
Yes, both soil microbes work symbiotically with each other as well as with your host plant.
Can I use H2O2 as part of my feeding regiment when using Azos?
No, the H2O2 will kill your beneficial fungi’s and bacteria’s.