Ultra Sun

Ultra Sun® brand lamps are high output, full spectrum lamps that have been specifically engineered for horticultural applications. They are ideal for plant growth - especially for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs.

We understand the importance of a good quality horticultural lamp. Our standards are high and you can rest assured that Ultra Sun® lamps boast robust construction and superior reliability. We also know that it is important to be able to create a customized lighting regimen for your plants. That is why we offer a complete line of lamps for versatility and variety. We offer Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Double-Ended, Conversion and Dual Arc Tube Lamps. We also offer a range of T5 High Output fluorescent lamps.

Ultra Sun® delivers excellent quality lamps for an economical price. 

Can I run my 600 watt or 400 watt lamp on a 1000 watt system?

No. Only use lamps on ballasts that are rated for your lamp wattage and type.

When should I replace my lamp?

A lamp's life is rated in hours and may have a life of well past 24,000 hours. But, when using lamps for horticultural purposes you will want to replace your HPS Lamp at least every 10 to 12 months and your MH lamp after 9 months, if used on a daily basis.

Should I wear gloves when installing my lamp?

It is recommended that you wear gloves when handling lamps to protect yourself from glass if your lamp has a crack in it or breaks as you are handling it. This will also help keep the lamp surface clean from any contaminates on your hands to ensure optimum lamp performance.    

Is it normal for my lamp to flicker when I turn it on?

Brand new lamps may flicker during start up and also oscillate slightly during its initial "burn in period." It is common for many lamps to flicker slightly before reaching full brightness in the beginning of a daily lighting cycle. This flickering should settle after the initial warm up.

The inside of my lamp has turned a solid white/smoked color. Should I be concerned?

This is a reaction to an air vacuum leak into the lamp. You will need to replace the lamp. If your lamp is under warranty return it to the retailer it was purchased through.

How do I determine the warranty of my Ultra Sun® lamp?

Ultra Sun® Lamps have a one year warranty from the date of purchase. Please save your receipt. Your retailer will also scribe your lamp with the purchase date. If your lamp becomes defective before the end of your one year warranty please return it to the store you purchased it from.

My Lamp does not seem to be the correct color. Should I be concerned?

Your lamp should reach the correct color once it reaches full brightness. You may see subtle differences in color when using MH lamps. This is common for all MH lamps and is not a defect.

What should I do if my lamp will not fire brand new out of the box?

Please double check all ballast and reflector connections and make sure that your ballast is receiving power. If your lamp does not light once you verify everything is installed correctly please return the lamp to retailer. The retailer can test the lamp to help you identify if it is defective. If the retailer determines there is nothing wrong with the lamps, it is possible you may have other equipment issues.

*If you are running two or more ballasts, try testing the lamp on more than one ballast
*Please make sure that your lamp has cooled down for 10-15 minutes before trying to reignite.

How many lumens should my lamp produce?

Approximate lumens are listed on the packaging and in the product description on our site.

My lamp will sometimes turn off or not turn on when the timer is set. Should I be concerned?

Make sure to check all ballast and reflector connection as well as check your timer to make sure it is set properly. If you have more than one fixture, we always suggest to swap out the lamps and see if the problem follows the lamp or stays with the fixture before contacting your retailer.

What is a conversion lamp?

A conversion lamp is MH lamp that designed to run on a HPS ballast or vice versa. The most common example of a conversion lamp is the 600 watt MH conversion. Since there is no true ansi coded 600 watt MH ballast, all 600 watt MH lamps are conversion lamps meant to run on 600 watt HPS ballasts. 1000 watt MH conversion lamps have also become increasingly popular for people who need to run a 1000 watt MH lamp and are only equipped with a single 1000 watt HPS coil ballast.

Why is there silver near the inside bottom of my lamp?

The purpose of this material is to capture contaminates as they enter your lamp though small air leaks. This will help your lamp last longer.

There is a small sliver of glass inside of my lamp. Is my lamp defective?

This is not uncommon and may happen during the manufacturing process. Please inspect your lamp to ensure it is not a broken piece from the actual lamp. If it is not from your lamp, then your lamp is fine to use and the glass will not affect the light performance.