Sun System LEC

Owned by the parent company Hawthorne Gardening Company, Sun System grow lights have become the #1 brand of grow lights for indoor and greenhouse gardening.

They are based in Vancouver, Washington and operate out of a massive lighting factory, putting an emphasis on innovation, efficiency, and quality! If you were to walk into their facility, you would be in sheer awe.

Sun System grow lights


Why Sun System grow lights are considered the best

Sun System offers a wide variety of grow light technologies and has a track record of excellence. Because of this, they have come to be known as a powerhouse grow light manufacturers in the industry.

The components used to build Sun System lights are of the highest quality, designed to get you the biggest yields possible along with a high level of efficiency. For example, their LEC Boss line features a state of the art 95% reflective German aluminum interior, along with 98% reflective corner inserts. This results in unprecedented output, reflectivity, and diffusion of light.

This same line uses the well-known Philips brand bulb, which generates higher levels of UV and IR light than just about any other light on the market.

You can find this level of quality and attention to detail across all Sun System lights. What makes this level of quality even better is that regardless of your grow, Sun System has a grow light for you!

Sun System Grow Lights

Sun System produces a grow light for literally every grower. It doesn't matter if you need a small light for your 3' x 3' tent, or a monster 1,000 watt light for your grow room - they make it. These days, even small hobby growers can benefit from the efficiency and power of Sun System grow lights.

Sun System manufactures:

  • MH and HPS grow lights
  • Lec grow lights
  • Fluorescent grow lights
  • Ballasts
  • Reflectors

Sun System offers 120 volt, 208/20 volt, 277 volt and 480 volt grow lights for hobby to commercial applications. Their lights range in wattage from 100 all the way up to 1,100. Whether you are cultivating a couple plants or a large commercial greenhouse, you cannot go wrong with Sun System grow lights.

Sun System grow lights