Sierra Natural Sciences


Family Grown

We are a growing family business that has been creating & manufacturing pesticides, fungicides & herbicides for over 10 years.

Natural & Organic

We strive to make organic & natural products that are safe around pets & children, & also reduce the environmental impact on the planet.

Oils Distilled In-House

We process raw certified organic botanicals & herbs in-house, ensuring the extracted oils & terpenes have a consistent potency for our products.

  • EPA Exempt

    All of our products are EPA Exempt, which means they pose little to no risk to your health or the environment & have a 0-day re-entry interval – so you don’t have to suit up to use our products.

  • Safe Around Children & Pets

    We wanted to create products that weren’t made of harsh & harmful chemicals. All of our products are made to be safe around children & pets, when used as directed of course. 

  • Organic Certified

    Our 3 main products 209 – PC – DC are all organic certified, and can be used in organic production.


Benefits of Using Our Products


You will have better performing crops that have higher yields & a richer color. Made with safe & effective formula from organic botanicals & herbs that are distilled in-house for guaranteed consistency in our products. Have confidence knowing your children & pets are safe from harsh chemicals & odors.