Hurricane fans deliver great features, quality, reliability and performance. With a variety of centrifugal, mixed flow and oscillating fans, Hurricane fans are designed to fit a wide array of air movement and ventilation applications.

These fans provide superior performance, while their high quality components & construction deliver unsurpassed reliability. Hurricane also brings you unique characteristics like the irregular figure 8 air movement pattern, creating thorough air mixing. This evens out temperature and humidity pockets in your room or use space.

Every Hurricane Fan is adjustable in either speed, direction or both and comes standard with a pre-wired 120 volt power cord. Each fan is simple to install and easy to operate. Hurricane Super 8 Fans come with a remote control. If you have multiple Super 8's, a single remote can control all of your Super 8 brand wall mount or stand fans.

Our centrifugal and mixed flow fans are compatible with Titan Controls temperature and humidity controllers, as well as Ideal Air ducting and accessories. 

Inline Fans & HID Cooling

Growers use inline fans to create the air-flow over the lamp. Using an inline air filter will protect your reflector and lamp from dust and other particulates, so it's really best practice to use them. Inline extraction fans are...

Designing Your Grow Room

When designing your room, you may not be able to predict the appropriate temperature, CO2 and humidity levels. Temperature will be greatly affected by the amount of HID lights you put in your room. The humidity will...


Super 8 Wall Mount Fans

The Hurricane Super 8 Fan produces a figure 8 pattern for better and more uniform air circulation. This commercial grade oscillating wall fan offers quiet operation, reliable metal gear construction and an easy to use remote control. Program precise fan movement patterns to fit any grow room application. Click here for more information!