Emerald Triangle

Humble Roots.

Fortified in the most legendary region for cannabis, Humboldt Emerald Triangle Company presents the magic and promises of the Emerald Triangle. The magnificent coastal forest, with its cool mist of morning and evening fog, brings you the perfect ecology for the most exquisite cannabis grows.

Our roots in cannabis cultivation, business and hospitality incorporate the complete blend of experience in areas that matters most: quality, professionalism and relationships.

Experience the Humboldt Emerald Triangle magic and “Raise Your Standards” for premium brands on your retail shelves.


Raise your standards.

From seed to sale, we meticulously manage the entire process to ensure the Humboldt Emerald Triangle standard is met. Our obsession with predictable and reliable yields means our end customers benefit from the exceptional quality that’s on the shelves.

We employ good agricultural, good manufacturing, and good handling practices in every phase of our product lifecycle. All third party brands we carry are vetted for their alignment to our quality principles.