Doktor Doom

Mission Statement

Doktor Doom is committed to educating and informing consumers on how to use sound pest control practices and products that do not have long lasting negative environmental consequences. We like our world and feel we and pests can co-exist however when forced to deal with out of control pests we come to the aid of consumers looking for solutions to their pest control problems.

About Doktor Doom

Doktor Doom has been providing Pest Control products since July 1998.

We knew the industry standards for Pest Control products were changing in favour of safer, more natural chemicals such as Pyrethrin and that harsher chemicals were going to be banned in the future. Doktor Doom forged ahead as trend setters by producing the safest and effective insecticide products before many of the large brand names among consumer pest control products. Many of those big-name companies have just caught up with this concept as the harsher (and much cheaper) chemicals they've been accustomed to selling are banned for health and environmental reasons.

We produce only the highest quality products using high quality ingredients that maximize effectiveness. Over 95% of our products are unscented, minimizing allergic sensitivities; just one example of the thoughtfulness Doktor Doom puts into our pest control products.

Doktor Doom excels at customer service as can be seen by some of our testimonials. We are always willing to provide advice and guidance on our customers' pest control problems. We understand how stressful dealing with bugs can be, we are here to help you choose the correct pesticides or insecticides for your needs and to provide support in using them.

Doktor Doom is a Canadian owned and operated company.