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Kind LED X40 Single-Sided Bar LED Grow Light

The All-New Kind LED X40 is the perfect supplemental bar light for any indoor setup measuring at just 2 ft and available in either flower or vegetative options.

With a wide-angle footprint and Perfect Blend Ideal Spectrum, the X-Series bar lights will be the ideal addition to any seedling, propagation, mixed-light, supplemental, complete indoor, or greenhouse application.

Why Kind LED?
Kind LED grow lights use only about half the electricity as HPS lights and produce much more yield per watt.
Many studies have even shown an increase in oil production and quality, closer inter-nodal spacing, and denser fruits and flowers.
The kind LED produces less heat, eliminating the need for additional fans, making them run quieter.
Lower light temperatures lead to a much more easily maintained ideal grow environment in which your plants would thrive.
Individual diodes set to a specific color and the 12 band spectrum design that plants need to thrive.

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